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We want to help you figure out why you are snoring and what you can do to make it stop. The real key is figuring out why. You might snore because you have congested nostrils. It might be happening because your tongue covers your airway. It could also be because you become dehydrated at night. Each of these problems has a very specific solution. One of the main reasons people cant fix their issues is because they are attempting to treat it with a device made to treat something else.

There are even situations where surgery is the only way to fix it. For this reason its important to work with your primary care doctor as well as a pulmonologist. They might be able to have you undergo something called a sleep study. This is where you go to an office that resembles a bed room and have you sleep there with many different sensors connected to your body. These will measure you oxygen, brain activity eye movement and more.

From here they will have a better idea what is actually happening at night while you sleep. Here is a cool video we found that might help illustrate this test a bit more.

Many times people suffer from something called sleep apena. This is where breathing is interrupted while you sleep which can be super dangerous. To fix this they have people use something called a cpap machine. This pressurizes your air way while you breath so it wont collapse.

As we mentioned before, other times you might need surgery to remove some of the excess skin that blocks your airway. Throughout this whole process, we encourage you to work with you pulmonologist and your primary care doctor.

Its important to make sure you get a copy of all your testing. It might come in handy in the future if you visit other doctors or if you happen to suffer from any other medical issues.

Doctors have to get rid of medical records every so often for privacy reason. So having your own copies is super important.